EuroCrete CCW-M - Crystalline Capillary Waterproofing System

EuroCrete CCW-M is a blend of Portland cement, well-graded sands and active chemicals. It is used for waterproofing for all masonry and concrete. EuroCrete CCW-M is quality-controlled and supplied ready-to-use on site.


  • Reservoirs
  • Subway tunnels
  • Water retaining structures
  • Office building, foundation, parking deck and planter box
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms, toilets and kitchens
  • Sewage and water treatment plants and/ or tanks


EuroCrete CCW-M when applied to concrete cause a chemical reaction in the pores and capillaries of the substrate. The reaction produces non-soluble fibrous crystalline throughout the concrete to which it is applied.

  • Works on positive and negative pressures. Waterproofs from inside against hydrostatic pressures.
  • Can be applied to moist concrete surface.
  • It becomes integral part of the concrete.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Protects concrete and reinforcing steel bars.   Avoids water condensation and allows passage of air.
  • Is non-toxic; suitable and recommended for water tanks.
  • Excellent adhesion bonding to porous and non-porous surfaces.


The shelf life for EuroCrete CCW-M in unopened and undamaged packaging is 6 months. Store the product in dry conditions and protect from contact with any water.


EuroCrete CCW-M is non-flammable. EuroCrete CCW-M contains cement powders which if damp or mixed with water, will release alkali which can be harmful to the skin and also avoid inhalation of dust. In case of contact with skin wash off with a lot of water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. When using EuroCrete CCW-M, wear suitable gloves and eye protection.