We provide waterproofing services for


We have products formulated specifically for all types of roofing material  including; tar, metal and rolled amongst ohers

Swimming Pool

Reliable, durable and long-lasting protection against humidity for swimming pools as well as fountain waterproofing under the ceramic tiles.

Green Roof

A watertight roof is critical to successful green roof construction. While some roofs are intrinsically waterproof when built, most will require some form of treatment


Tunnels are built with a service life of over 100 years, Eurotec is poised to participate in many upcoming tunneling projects.

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Our humble journey

The Eurotec group of companies was founded in Europe in 1999. Initially started only with waterproofing business, is currently engaged in various related businesses such as building developments, thermal insulation, façade and cladding systems, chemicals used in construction and logistics Centre development.

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