Our approach.

The Eurotec group of companies was founded in Europe in 1999. Although it initially began only with waterproofing business, it has currently expanded and diversified to engage in various related businesses such as building developments, thermal insulation, façade and cladding systems, chemicals used in construction and logistics center development.
Today Eurotec is a specialized producer and supplier of waterproofing materials, insulation, and accessories.

At the inception Eurotec was active only in central Europe. However, the company has now expanded with a well-established network in most countries in European,Region, with its headquarters in the Czech Republic. Currently the business network has progressed to
whole off Southeast Asia with its regional headquarters in Singapore.

The Eurotec group of companies has extensive expertise and experience in waterproofing for a wide spectrum of fields, such as roofs, tiled roofs, tunnels, galleries, construction work, reservoirs and swimming pools.

Encapsulating high international standards as well as stringent quality control, Eurotec exceeds all expectations in its delivery.
Eurotec has a wide product range that includes a comprehensive variety of bituminous membranes, synthetic membrane, insulation systems and also a wide spectrum of other waterproofing related products and accessories.

Eurotec is expanding its product range to include complementary products to better serve its customers through integrated roofing and waterproofing total solutions.

Our Mission

Our aim is to ensure Eurotec is the leading waterproofing company in customer choice, quality, and safety.Eurotec has the technical expertise and current cutting edge technology to apply the waterproofing products with precision, guarantee durability of installations as well confirming with the desired aesthetic finishing.

The strength of Eurotec lies in

– supplying complete roofing façade and cladding systems.
– strong in technical advice and design services.
– well, connected network around the globe.
– timely delivery.
– constant upgrading to suit the market needs.
– technical consultation.
– top grade products at reasonable prices