A polymer elastoplastomeric bitumen membrane based on distilled bitumen modified by high molecular weight polymers added with Preventol B2(r) – a chemical agent against root penetration. EUROPLAST ANTIRADICE PLUS is reinforced by non-woven polyester continuous strand which is isotropic and very resistant. EUROPLAST ANTIRADICE PLUS is also available with a protected surface of natural slate chippings in a choice of colours.

Product Uses

EUROPLAST ANTIRADICE PLUS is resistant to chemical and mechanical action of the roots. It is useful in all situations where it is in direct contact with the ground such as: cultivation soil, planting soil roof gardens, underground garages, underground foundation walls, pools, canalizations and underground tubing, terrace gardens and flower boxes



Bitumen primer EUROPRIMER is a combination of oil bitumen and a specially selected organic solvents. It has a high penetration ability and short drying time.


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